Things to Know about Luxury Fountain Pens Before Buying One of your Own

Do you enjoy writing with luxury fountain pens? Do you collect fountain pens? Then the new Dutch designed pen –The Spica Virginis – is a must and should be added to your collection. This beautifully designed platinum coated pen which resembles the shape of a wheat grain is winning the hearts of many people with its design, caliber, smooth writing and chic and classy look. According to the latest news, this pen which is named after one of the brightest stars found in the Constellation of Virgo is gaining rapid popularity among people and fountain pen lovers all over the world.

luxury fountain pens

Not a display Object:

A lot of people take luxury fountain pens as an equivalent to something which should be displayed for people to see and rarely put to use. But this is not so in reality. Many pens are actually used to write with on a daily basis or for a specific purpose. After all, even luxury fountain pens, at the end of the day are a utility tool. Like all other utility tools, it must be put to use, lest it loses its ability to function properly.

Makes special occasions even more special:

When it comes to writing on a fountain pen friendly notebook, some of the most luxurious pens are used with bright inks. Today, most of the time writing has been substituted with typing. Thus, one gets to see little or no writing on paper at all. However, there also exist people and circumstances where your own handwriting is valued more than anything ever typed on paper. For instance, a beautiful letter from parents to children or even a signature for a special purpose, call for writing with fountain pens. These are circumstances where nothing can beat the utility of fountain pens.

Work of art:

Fountain pens are also of various grades. You can easily avail any fountain pen from stores that provide stabilo art supplies. But they are basic pens with the standard design used for writing with inks on an everyday basis. In case, you would like to own a luxury pen, then there are various pen boutiques from where you can order your collectible pens. Fountain pen apart from being offering a beautiful writing experience is also a work of art. Luxurious pens have various body models with intricate designs etched onto them. This makes them look all the more beautiful. In fact, they are mostly available in subtle shades like silver, platinum, gold, black and even copper, which make them look elegant.

Great writing experience:

Lastly, fountain pens make it a very smooth writing experience for you. Usually, while writing with other pens there are glitches. At times, the pens stop working which makes you overwrite the words. This makes the ultimate writing messy and untidy. You can argue that it is difficult to handle the ink part of the pen but that perfection comes with practice and prolonged use of ink pens. You can write on notebooks such as the Rhodia notebook without leaving any impression from the ink behind the pages.

Thus, in many ways inks pens are still valued a lot in contemporary times and their worth has not decreased even a little. For more information on ink pens, you can log on to sites such as

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