Buying New Yamaha Pianos at Affordable Prices

Looking for new Yamaha pianos? Piano City has a great selection of pianos, which caters to pianists of all levels with varied needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for an upright piano, a grand piano, or a Disklavier – you can find it from the numerous pianos available at their store, as well as buy new Yamaha pianos at highly competitive prices.

This company is a dedicated piano specialist, covering everything from new piano sales to piano rentals for those who cannot afford or not interested in purchasing new pianos.

Types of Pianos Available at Piano City

There are different kinds of pianos that you can choose from when planning to buy new Yamaha pianos in Piano City. However, a lot of consideration goes into choosing the best piano for your music needs.

These include considerations such as the make, the model, the shape, the size, the keyboard action, and the sound quality of a piano. Yamaha offers several pianos to cover all these qualities, along with corresponding levels of use.

Here are some Yamaha pianos that you can find at Piano City’s online store:

  • The Yamaha Baby Grand GB1K
  • The Yamaha Baby GC1
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DC1XE3
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DC2XE3
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DC3XE3PRO
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DC5XE3PRO
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DC7XE3PRO
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KE3
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DGC1E3
  • The Yamaha Disklavier DU1E3
  • The Yamaha Grand Piano C1X
  • The Yamaha Grand Piano C2X
  • The Yamaha Upright JU109
  • The Yamaha Upright JX113
  • The Yamaha Upright U1J

The Yamaha Upright series are known to be perfect for beginners. What’s more, these pianos adhere to Yamaha’s trademark of stringent quality standards – serving you for generations to come and providing you with plenty of enjoyment.

The C-Series: The C-Series is over a half-century old, borne out of Yamaha’s tradition for aspiring ideal pianos. This series has gone through several years of refinement to produce some of the best pianos today. Through constant modifications, Yamaha hopes to achieve sonic perfection in piano design.

On the other hand, Yamaha CX-Series includes some of the most popular piano models. Yamaha’s passion for excellent quality pianos is reflected in the CX-Series’ design, combining great balance and rich tones. This series started with the C1X, but there are other designs up to the DC7XE3PRO – a Disklavier. Each of these series models offer unique attributes that appeal to different kinds of piano players.

Piano City offers you an ideal place where you can buy Yamaha pianos.  Due to its scale and experience in the music industry, this company is able to secure pianos at excellent prices from suppliers – providing some of the best deals and offers for those who are planning to buy new Yamaha pianos.

This company does not only offer good quality customer service at the time of purchase, but also provides after-sale services for customers who buy new Yamaha pianos from their shopfronts.

Piano City also offers comprehensive nationwide delivery services across Australia, performing services such as tuning, maintenance, and restoration.