3 Must-Try Bars in Pattaya

A great bar in Pattaya with live music and a band is the key to spicing up a holiday vacation. A pleasure vacation in Thailand won’t be complete without live action and entertainment.

Below are the must-try bars in Pattaya where active entertainment and fun never cease to please just about anybody.

Havana Bar

Cuban entertainment and other leisure activities are available at this Carribean-themed great bar in Pattaya with live music and a band.

Havana Bar is a bar that showcases a display of a collection of cigars that’s truly Latin Carribean! Drop by this rare and great bar in Pattaya with live music and a band topped with exceptional tasty mojito drinks, meals and snacks.

Grab your partner’s hand and don’t be shy to let what you’ve got shine. Dance the night away at Havana and forget about all your troubles for the day. Let your ears take delight listening to the best Cuban beat available at this exciting hot spot in Pattaya. Now, there won’t be a need to travel all the way to the Carribean to get a taste of Cuban night life at its best!

Patrons may also have whole some meals served right in front of them at Havana Bar. Burgers, pizza, pasta, native snacks and salads are parts of Havana’s menu, also.

Terazzo – Restaurant and Bar in One

Experience an Italian way of dining at a great bar in Pattaya where everything fun is around the corner. Terrazzo is a restaurant and bar in one where the best of Italian cuisine is served. Pizza, pasta and other Italian foods are within easy reach at this side of Asia. You won’t need to travel outside the premises of Holiday Inn to enjoy an Italian feast. So, you have all the time in the world to enjoy your vacation at Pattaya’s hottest get away spot-Holiday Inn Resort.

After having a hearty and sumptuous meal, watch your favourite public events via the restaurant’s sizable TV, while enjoying your favourite rounds of wine beverages. Terazzo’s bar is home to the popular alcoholic beverages Italy is traditionally known for all over the world. Toast to the most important milestones in your life while on vacation in Pattaya, only at Terrazzo restaurant and bar.

Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel’s Splash

If you happen to drop by or stay overnight at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Pattaya, why not pay a visit at the poolside bar, as well? Splash is Holiday Inn poolside’s home for fresh snacks and drinks that services guests and walk-in visitors, alike. Make your after swimming activity fun and enjoyable. Grab a thirst-quenching drink and hearty snack after having taken a dip at the magnificent pool. Share laughter and smiles with loved ones at Splash as you enjoy your mid-afternoon snacks.

These must-try bars liven up visits to Pattaya like no other. Without these famous spots for everything exciting and adventurous, visits to Pattaya wouldn’t have been so colourful and inspiring. Look for these bars the next time you plan a visit to Pattaya, and enjoy an unforgettable Asian getaway that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.