An Interview with Ron Dante of The Archies  By Wayne Adderley
1 I'm learning more about your career having bought an Archies CD with more songs on there than just the Surgar Sugar hit which was at the time the only song I knew.

With the Don Kirshner Archies Project and The Monkees links with him did you find that you could do your own thing at all or were you kind of told what to sing?
RD Concerning Don Kirshner and his involvement with The Archies. He and producer Jeff Barry let me sing just about any way I wanted too. They basically let me create a character voice for the group and use that sound as I wished. Don Kirshner in general was very easy to work for. He was a great guy to work with when he was in the studio. I never felt controlled or pushed to do it his way.
2 What was it you first noticed that you were becoming well known?
RD After the worldwide success of The Archies and particular Sugar, Sugar I had a solo album released and the record company did a massive promotion campaign on me here and in England so I felt I was getting some attention for my work.
3 Is it true that because of The Archies being a cartoon that you were told not to say you were the singer of the group so Kirshner couldn't lose control of The Archies like he did with The Monkees?
RD .I was asked not to talk about my involvement with the group just for the first couple of Albums then when my solo effort came out I got the publicity of being the lead singer.
4 The group it's self was there a real group of The Archies where it was the same people playing the music and singing?
If so why didn't The Archies tour?
RD The group itself was a studio creation. I was the only constant voice on all of the records. We used the top NYC studio musicians and singers to back me up and they changed with each album and this is why we didn't tour.
5 I know you tour as a solo singer and will be performing with Andy Kim soon but is there any interest in you forming a new band, if so who would you like as a member?
RD I don't think The Archies will ever be formed again with me singing lead and other people filling in the characters. The comic book people who own the name control what happens and someday might put out a group to do live shows.
6 What are your future plans?
RD My future plans are to continue to tour and sing my hits live, record new CD's with new versions of great songs from the 60's and 70's and produce new and upcoming young stars for the major labels and thats just this year. Next year who knows.
7 I'm 28 and I know that popularity of the 60's is growing for all ages why do you feel that this is so?
RD The 60's were a golden era in pop music. The songs written and performed then still get played thousands of times on radio, used in major commercials and film scores and get re-recorded by top acts of today. The reason I think is that the songs and sounds were the best of their time and being timeless people of all ages respond to them not caring that they were created years ago. Also the 60's were a time when technology caught up with what producers wanted to capture on tape. Recording machines held more information and let pop musicians recreate what they had heard in their imaginations.
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8 I read on Laura's interview with you that The Beatles and Beach Boys were groups you liked, are there any acts from the 60's that first time round you may of not taking that much notice of but like now?
RD Most of the music I loved growing up I still love and appreciate.
9 Is there anything you would like to say to your on going fans reading this on The Swinging 60's Zone website?
RD I would like to thank my fans who have stuck with me all these years and tell them I look forward to making more music for them to enjoy in the coming years. Hope this helps you out. I had fun doing this . Take care. Ron D.
To finish I would like to thank you Ron for taking the time to answer the questions, me and I'm sure the readers would like to wish you all the best for the future.
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